Products and services that are “Practical & Sustainable” for Africa are very different from those in Europe. Important thing is to promote CN while protecting safety and security of our customers is the highest priority. Based on this policy, Toyota will introduce practical, and sustainable electric vehicle that meets customer needs in the African region.

Toyota Corrolla

Firstly, we plan to actively introduce HEV vehicles to all countries in Africa at an early stage. After that, we will consider introduction of PHV, BEV, FCV, in the future while listening to situation and needs of our customers. In addition to new car sales, we will also start HEV used car sales in each country. We would like to provide customers’ choices option while responding to various customer requests. We are planning to produce HEV vehicles in South Africa this year. We are also promoting CN at factories and suppliers such as utilizing solar power renewable energy and promoting waste recycling. We will implement these carbon-neutral initiatives not only at our factories but also at all sales and service outlets.


It is necessary to work in collaboration with various stakeholders to achieve carbon neutrality in the automobile industry. It is needed to collaborate in area of renewable energy, charging infrastructure, Energy policy, purchase subsidies, supplier support, battery recycling systems, etc.
Toyota will consult with the governments of each country on how to prepare environment to promote vehicle electrification. We will promote an electrification strategy that contributes to CO2 reduction throughout the life cycle.