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5 Fast Facts On The ‘Royal’ Jaguar Prince Harry and Meghan Rode In

May 21, 2018 / Blog

Did you catch the #RoyalWedding? While we are still basking in that euphoria let’s take a moment to talk about the car! The car Prince Harry and Meghan rode off in. Below we spotlight 5 facts about the Silver Blue Jaguar.

  • The car is a zero-emission battery electric car. So yes, it is environmentally friendly 

  • The car is a new version of the 1968 model

  • The car can race from 0 – 62mph in just 5.5 seconds

  • The Jaguar is powered by a 300 hp electric motor under its legendarily long hood and is quicker than the six-cylinder original.

  • Prices for the eco-friendly car starts at N170 million.

6 Easy Steps To Check Your Car’s Engine Oil

May 8, 2018 / Blog, Car Tips
Ask any of our experts and they will tell you the most underrated practice Nigerian car owners carry out is checking of car oil. It is often overlooked or forgotten by motorists. Needless to say that neglecting to check for your car’s oil status and level can damage the engine of your car.
Think of your car as a human body that needs food, oil, water, and whatnot. The car doesn’t just run on fuel but other things that ensure it’s smooth operation and oil is one of them.
From servicing thousands of cars and speaking with thousands of customers we have realized that one of the hardest parts of checking your oil is not only knowing how to but also remembering to do it. While you might be able to get away with not checking for a couple of months, a good rule of thumb is to perform this task once a month.
To make it easier to remember, we recommend picking a certain date, such as the 15th of each month, and make that your regular “Check my car oil” day.
And if you don’t know how to check your oil level we’ve got you. Simply follow the step on this we will be listing.

 1. Park your car on a flat leveled ground.


If it’s on a slope, the readings won’t be reliable. If you need to move the car to a better location, wait 10 mins before reading the oil level so that all the oil in the engine has a chance to sink back down to its reservoir.

2. Open your car’s bonnet


This is usually done by pulling a lever located in the driver’s footwell. If you can’t find it, check your car’s manual, which should explain whereabouts the bonnet release is for your particular model.


3. Prop your bonnet

This is usually done by pulling a lever located in the driver’s footwell. If you can’t find it, check your car’s manual, which should explain whereabouts the bonnet release is for your particular model. Don’t forget, you’ll also need to disengage the safety latch – once you’ve pulled the lever inside the car, feel under the leading edge of the bonnet for a plastic or metal lever, which should move upward or to the side, allowing you to fully release and open the bonnet.
4. Find the dipstick
The dipstick generally has a brightly colored handle, usually orange, and have the word OIL labeled on them.
5. Pull the dipstick out and wipe it down
Make sure to wipe it down with a towel or rag, and then replace it into the engine, making sure that it goes all the way in.
6. Now, pull the dipstick back out
Be sure NOT to turn the stick upside down to read as the oil will run and you will not have an accurate reading. The dipstick will have two marks on the bottom (usually lines or holes in the stick), and you can read the oil level by looking to see where the oily section and dry section meet. If you find this mark between the two then you are all set!


If it is below the bottom mark that means that you need to fill the oil. When you do this, be sure to never fill it more than a liter at a time without checking the level again, as you do not want to overfill the engine. Most manufacturers consider normal oil consumption to be 1 liter per 1,600 kilometers if you find you are using much more than this you might want to schedule a service appointment. Our certified experts will check to see if a little preventative maintenance can save you from having any major issues down the road.

Valentine Gifts Ideas for Car Lovers

February 15, 2018 / Blog
Valentine Gifts Ideas for Car Lovers

Buying Valentine gifts can sometimes be very tricky as you are often conscious of buying gifts that would suit the style and personality of the receiver. The general opinion is that since Valentine has to do with the celebration of love, the type and quality of gifts should reflect how you feel about the receiver. It should be romantic as well as relevant. How then do you beat the confusion of buying something special enough for a loved one who has a special preference for car related items?

As automobile specialists, we have compiled a list of items car lovers would love and find really exciting.  The beautiful thing about this is that these items can be easily found in the market and should impress every car lover.

Tyre Inflator

Valentine Gifts Ideas for Car Lovers

First on the list is an inflator. If you have ever been in a situation where your car tyre went flat and there was no mechanic around to help you fix it, then you will appreciate the essence of an inflator. With an inflator, you can easily get your tyre back to shape in good time, especially in emergency situations. Ensure you make the gift look all valentine-ready by presenting it in an attractive package, alongside some other little items like chocolates, biscuits etc.

Car Seat Cushion

If you are not sure the inflator would be a good idea, how about an awesome seat cushion. Seat cushions help make drive time more pleasurable. Driving for long hours can sometimes put a lot of strain on our fragile backs and waistline, especially when you do not have comfortable seat, but with a softly padded car cushion, you can say goodbye to hurtful drive times. This item could be more interesting when you have one, specially crafted to suit and massage the back. Why won’t any car lover love this item?

Customized Car Items

Do these items sound too far-fetched for you? You could do something a little more affordable or usual.  Go for customized car items and wears. For car items, create a customized neck and throw pillows. By customized, we mean you can buy a normal one and put your own design and inscription on it. The inscription could be a special message to the person or his/her favourite quote or message. You can also try images of their favourite celebrity or public figure. Better still, stay safe by using the receiver’s own image.

The same should apply to other items like car-centered T-shirts, car dice, car fragrances and the likes. These might sound very common but there are very good ways to show how much you care. The tip to getting customizing right is to use professional hands and to ensure that whatever inscription or image used in the customization is in line with your loved one’s preference and not yours, as there is often the temptation to go for items we love instead of what the receiver loves.

Mechanical Set

Valentine Gifts Ideas for Car Lovers

Is your loved one a handyman? An awesome mechanical set won’t be a bad idea too. Though there is a high probability that the person might already have these items, there is still no harm in trying this out. You can take a sneak peek at what the person already has, to decipher what you should or shouldn’t go for.

Car Cleaning Kit

With all said and done, there would always be need to clean the car. No car lover loves a dirty car. Find out the person’s favourite cleaning kit and buy a range of the products. Items like a dashboard spray, scratch remover, shampoo, napkins and the likes, would make an awesome gift pack. Don’t forget to sweeten your pack with some chocolates and flowers as the case may be.

In conclusion, you cannot override that one thing your loved one has always craved for. It doesn’t have to be car related for it to be appreciated. It is often better to go for an item that has been specifically mentioned than the one that is presumed.

Finally, while you prepare your special treat for your loved one this Valentine; also show some love to your car. Bring it to Germaine Auto Centre for that special Valentine touch. We know just what your car needs.

Ways You Are Probably Hurting Your Car

February 5, 2018 / Blog, Car Tips
Ways You Are Probably Hurting Your Car

Owning a car is great. Owning one in a great condition is even super cool. But owning a car and keeping it in a great working condition doesn’t come by chance.

Car maintenance is not something that should be left to car mechanics alone. However, a lot of people do not worry about the health of their car until something goes wrong. They seldom clean it and give little thought to their vehicles, as long as it gets them where they are going. These set of people, we must say, are hurting their cars.

The following are ways people hurt their cars. How guilty are you?

Using the wrong oil or stretching the time of oil change

Ways You Are Probably Hurting Your Car

Oil is the blood of the car engine. There are different kinds of engine oil, just like there are different car engines too. Each car engine is designed for a specific oil thickness. The thickness of the engine oil affects how the oil does its job on the car. It is therefore important to adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendation when it comes to the engine oil you use for your car. Using the wrong engine oil for your vehicle is the beginning of problems for your car. Also, allowing your engine oil drop to a really low level can spell trouble. If you do not check and change your oil regularly, your engine will not be getting as much lubrication as it needs.

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 Ignoring the signal lights on the dashboard

The light signals that come on on the dashboard are not just there as part of the beautiful aesthetics of the car. They are actually warning signals that show the state of your car, serving to let you know the immediate actions you need to take. Ironically, some drivers do not even know the meaning of some of these signals. As long as the car has not stopped moving, they assume there is no problem. How wrong they are! Those signals are there to let you know of an issue with the car, which should be checked or fixed, as the case may be. Never wish these signals away, as they can lead to bigger and costlier issues.

Driving on an empty fuel tank

Ways You Are Probably Hurting Your Car

How many of you are guilty of this? Majority of drivers only fill up their fuel tank when the warning light comes on. Running on an empty or nearly empty tank is setting the car up for major problems in the near future. The fuel tank helps to cool down the fuel pump and the engine of a vehicle. So, not only are you at the risk of getting stranded in the middle of the road, you are putting your car in danger. Trying to save money on gas this way is not such a smart idea. As soon as your car hits the ¼ mark, refuel it immediately.

Not slowing down for bumps or potholes

Ways You Are Probably Hurting Your Car

Your shock absorber, wheel alignment, and suspension are at a risk every time you do not slow down for speed bumps or potholes. If you start to feel the steering wheel of your car vibrate when you are driving, then chances are you have been exposing your vehicle to bumps and potholes, and your wheel alignment needs to be fixed. Usually, you will end up spending quite some money to fix this.

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Ignoring the strange noises

Quite guilty of this, right? Of course, everyone knows how their car sounds. Like a dog picking up on strange noises, that’s how quickly we can pick up a strange noise coming out of a car. The “strange” noise could be coming from the bonnet of the car or from the back tire. Wherever the noise is coming from, do not ignore just because the car still moves. A knocking sound in the engine or a squeaking brake is usually never good. Ignoring these signs could cost you a large sum for repairs or, in extreme cases, lead to a fatal accident.

In all, realizing that you are causing harm to your vehicle is the first step to protecting your car and yourself from harm.

A Germaine Auto Make Over Will ‘Excite’ Your Car This Season

December 28, 2017 / Blog
A Germaine Auto Make Over Will ‘Excite’ Your Car This Season

The wear and tear on our cars say a lot about the daily struggle they go through just to get us to our destinations. From navigating through multiple roads and multiple cars to dealing with bad roads and ‘crazy’ drivers, our cars go through a lot on the road. If you live in a busy state with road traffic congestion, like Lagos, your car would probably have ‘war scars’.

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While it is clear that driving has become part and parcel of a hectic city life, many do not realise that they need to regularly attend to their cars, as part of a normal routine. How well and how often do we take care of our car? That is the question. For starters, to keep your car running smoothly, it is important to have a regular check-up. Then, it is also crucial to give it a body makeover from time to time, to give it that sparkle that is befitting for your profile. In the spirit of the festivities, there is no better time to do this than now. Germaine Auto offers a service spa that will not only get you smiling from ear to ear, but would also be friendly to your pocket.

A Germaine Auto Make Over Will ‘Excite’ Your Car This Season

With a state of the art facility that is equipped with hi-tech, ultra-modern tools and equipment that can cater to the full servicing of over a thousand vehicles, Germaine Auto aims at giving the best care to your car. So, after all the road ‘battles’ fought by your car in the course of the year, wouldn’t it be nice to give it some pampering? Premium, genuine replacement parts that will ensure a lasting and satisfying repair for whatever car brand or model you drive is what Germaine Auto offers your car

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You can rest easy, knowing that your car is being taken care of by the best hands as Germaine Auto only hires and trains the best technicians. These mechanics are up-to-date in their knowledge of the ever-changing automotive industry.

A Germaine Auto Make Over Will ‘Excite’ Your Car This Season

A total makeover does not have to hurt your pocket. Germaine Auto offers significant discounts on vehicle services, as well as towing service in the case of an emergency. This services also include a maintenance credit programme with VFD Microfinance Bank that offers clients a 30-day credit cycle on all repair, body work and vehicle maintenance jobs.

The best thing you can give your car, especially during this festive season, when you would probably do a lot of driving around, is a complete Germaine Auto makeover. Your car should not only ‘feel’ beautiful, it should look beautiful. After all, in the words of Alexandra Paul, “The cars we drive say a lot about us.”

Things To Look Out For When Buying A New Car

December 22, 2017 / Blog
Things To Look Out For When Buying A New Car

Buying a new car should never be done in a hurry. Before making that purchase decision, it is important you think and plan the brand, model and type of car you would like to buy. Amongst other things, this will ensure that you don’t end up overpaying for a car you would probably end up not enjoying. It is, therefore, crucial for you to fully know and understand what it is you are buying before you take the plunge. Here are a few things to do before deciding to purchase that new car:

Research the car

Researching never goes out of style. Use this opportunity to find out all the information you need about the car – the selling price from different car dealers, the functionality and system operation. If any recall was ever done on the car model, what exactly was it recalled for? These are major things you should research about before taking those excited steps to the car dealership.

Let someone tag along

Make sure you go with someone who has a vast knowledge of cars and their mechanisms. They will be able to spot any issues the car might have or any other issues the car might have underlined. Even if you are an expert or a mechanic, it is still important to still take someone with you for a second opinion if things get confusing.

Do a test drive

Things To Look Out For When Buying A New Car

This is an important thing you must do when you want to buy a new car. The sales agents usually offer this option so you can have a feel of the car. When you are test driving, look out for unusual noises like rattles or clunks. Do you feel confident using the brakes? Do the gears change smoothly? Is the steering too soft? Too hard? Or just perfect? Consider the comfortability of the car. Will it accommodate your daily routine? Is there enough room for your family or for shopping? Rev the engine. Does it sound normal to you? These steps are crucial if you want to be on the safe side with your purchase.

Check the locks

If the locks work automatically or use an immobilizer lock, use the key remotely, and then check to be sure the car is properly locked without any issue. Then, test the key on the lock manually.

Air conditioning and stereo

Things To Look Out For When Buying A New Car

These features will prove very useful on days when you are stuck in a gridlock traffic and the weather is scorching. Therefore, turn them on and check to be sure they are in perfect condition.

Lights and signals

Look out for the lights and signals. Turn them on and walk around the car to see for yourself if they work properly. Your friend that tagged along can come handy here. While you drive the car, turn on the lights and signals and have your friend follow the car from behind to check if the lights and signals work.

Buying a new car is exciting, but you also need to get all the information you need so you do not end up with a buyer’s remorse.

6 Reasons Why You Must Insist On Genuine Car Parts

December 21, 2017 / Blog

When it comes to using and driving a car, safety should be of utmost importance. Everyone would want to know that his or her family is safe when going on a trip or vacation. According to experts, cars are built with the safety of people in mind and the parts are thoroughly tested to ensure that they don’t fail under pressure. To keep up with this ideology, it is essential that car spare parts are also genuine. But a lot of the time, people cut corners for various reasons, not knowing they are putting their safety, and that of their loved ones, in jeopardy.

If you are still doubtful about why you must insist on genuine car spare parts at all times, the following reasons should convince you.


Buying quality items generally gives you that sense of confidence and security. When it comes to car parts, if they are genuine, that means they are built in the same factories and on the same production lines as the cars they are to be fitted on. This means that once you buy genuine car parts, you are not buying something close to what you need, but parts that are built specifically for your car use. In essence, you are buying what suits your car for maximum effectiveness.


Some people prefer to buy knock-off parts for their cars, thinking they are saving money. But, have you ever bought a knock-off product and were given a warranty? You don’t get a warranty because the seller cannot even guarantee what they are selling to you. It is advisable to get genuine parts for your car and be assured that you can use it for a certain period of time and that you can get it fixed or replaced within that period, just in case there is a factory default or a damage that is not self-inflicted.


6 Reasons Why You Must Insist On Genuine Car Parts (4)

Your safety on the road while driving is very important, and this is the more reason why every car needs original and genuine car parts. By buying fake parts for your car, you are putting your life and that of your family and other road users in danger. Yes, some people will say it works perfectly for them and saves them money because they come cheaper a lot of the time, but how safe are you? That is the question that needs to be answered.

Stress and Time Saving

Sometimes, selecting an appropriate replacement part for your car from the myriad of fake products out there can be exhausting. But you can save yourself the stress by avoiding knock-offs and getting them from the original engine manufacturer of your car or their representatives.

Getting the right parts for your car is actually easier and time friendly if you choose to get a genuine one. All you need do is go directly to the original engine manufacturer or their representatives and get specifically what’s best for your car. Also, it reduces the amount of time spent comparing options, prices, and compatibility with your car.


Longevity, strength, and toughness are attributes that set products apart. They are also the attributes that guarantee that the product will stand the test of time. It is needless to say that it’s only genuine parts that can guarantee these attributes and durability for your car. So, be sure you are getting the right parts for your car so as to enjoy maximal output.

Money Saving

Having to repair your car all the time can be annoying, most especially when you have to constantly change a particular part. This often happens when you resort to fake car parts, causing you to spend much more money. Though genuine car parts might cost a bit more than their fake counterparts, you get to save much more money in the long run because they will serve you maximally, and won’t have to be replaced often.

Every driver or car owner must bear in mind that a car needs the genuine parts to serve better and last longer. So, when next you decide to get a part for your car, make sure it is genuine.

6 Must-Have Emergency Car Kit For The Season

December 19, 2017 / Blog
6 Must-Have Emergency Car Kit For The Season

Emergencies always arise in life and, most of the time, most of us are not prepared for them. In fact, some of us move on a one-way street, not expecting anything to stop us, until we are caught up in the deep end. When it comes to vehicle emergencies, a lot of people are always caught napping. While some people may probably be equipped with some basic car tools, not many are prepared for the unexpected. However, having a car emergency kit can help you get back on the road quickly, while not having one might leave you stranded for hours. What exactly are the basic kits you need in your car? Below are some of the car kits that would prove very handy in different emergencies, especially during the yuletide.

Flash Light

6 Must-Have Emergency Car Kit For The Season

Some of us will ask: what is the essence of a flashlight when every car has headlights and cabin lights? But what happens when the car battery runs down? What will you do when you’re in such situation? It, therefore, becomes apparent that this piece of item should not be overlooked. So, when packing, make sure you take your flashlight with enough batteries, just in case you want to change a tire or inspect your vehicle at night. This could make all the difference when the unexpected occurs.

Food and Water

Having enough food and water in your car is very important, just in case, there’s a breakdown or an empty tank. Any of these vices could leave you stranded for a while. So, it is advisable to store a gallon of water if you have enough space in your car. Then, avoid food that can spoil or melt, because you can’t tell how long the emergency will persist. In such situation, car owners are advised to stay with their vehicles until someone finds them. Having some food and water will be of great help here.

First Aid Kit

6 Must-Have Emergency Car Kit For The Season

This is a very important kit, especially when you have an accident and get stranded in a remote area or you come across someone or some people who have been involved in an accident. You might just be the God-sent person in that situation. While no one wishes for such incidents, these things do occur once in a while. And with the increased travels during this season, the probability is even more.

Car Tools Kit

This is the DIY kit. These tools are basically for handling routine car troubles and emergencies. Having things like a jack, spare tire, pliers, wrench and screwdrivers packed in the trunk of your car is a very good way to prepare for emergencies. So, if you don’t have them, it is advisable you get them.

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Fire Extinguisher

6 Must-Have Emergency Car Kit For The Season

This is one of the most ignored items when it comes to car emergency kits. There are four classes of fire (A, B, C, and D), and research has shown that fire extinguishers made for vehicles will typically come in two different dry chemical configurations (ABC and BC), to fight the different classifications of fire. According to experts, the class B fire involves flammable or combustible liquids, such as diesel, fuel, and kerosene, while the class C fire involves energized electrical equipment such as switches, panel boxes, and batteries. So, it is advisable to get a small ABC fire extinguisher for your vehicle.

Safety Boots and Gloves

Most people are never prepared for emergency situations in remote areas, especially with regard to what they wear. Some drivers wear flip-flops or high heels, none of which make for good walking. It is advised that you take a pair of boots and some work gloves (because car repairs can sometimes be hard on the hands). Adding a protective jacket to these, just in case the weather gets unfavourable, will mean you are even more prepared. While the listed items might seem very ordinary, they will definitely make all the difference when you find yourself stranded due to an emergency situation.

Treating Your Car Like A Baby Can Increase Its Lifespan!

November 7, 2017 / Blog
Treating Your Car Like A Baby Can Increase Its Lifespan!

Having a baby is one of the greatest gifts of life. The happiness and joy that comes with it sometimes cannot be described in words. The bond and love created by childbirth is seen when new mothers hold their babies next to their bodies, rocking them gently, singing or talking to them, and nursing them happily. Usually, it’s such a wonderful and amazing feeling. In turn, the constant and consistent care given to the baby ensures a trusting relationship and lifelong attachment.

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Even for inanimate objects, this holds true a lot of the time – the more you care for and attend to them, the better and longer they will serve you. Perhaps, one thing to which this applies so much is your car. How well you treat and care for your car determines how well it serves you. Even if your car is some years old, and has done over 100,000 miles, it doesn’t mean you should give up on it. Treating your car like a baby can make it thrive and increase its lifespan. Here are 5 ways you can increase the lifespan of your car.

  1. Go For Best Quality Oils and Oil Filters

Using a high-grade filter and high-quality synthetic oil when changing your engine oil can extend the lifespan of an engine. This ensures that the oil’s fluidity is maintained, and there is less possibility for it to break down when the engine gets hot. At the same time, a good filter will eliminate any unwanted particles from the oil. It is important to double-check to be sure that the products being used are appropriate for your car. The ultimate end result is that your car engine will last longer.

Oil Filter

  1. Undertake Routine Fluid Checks

Driving your car for a long time without necessary checks on your power steering, brake fluids and coolant can be a problem. It is advised that every driver checks these every 20,000 miles. If they are gritty or smell burnt, it means you need a change of fluid. Also, if your orange coolant is now red, a fluid change is needed. Then, if it has a cloudy appearance, it may mean your engine needs to be serviced. The aim is to keep the engine as good as new.

Man refilling oil through funnel

Man refilling oil through funnel

  1. Don’t Drive Off Immediately

Driving off immediately, after your car has been parked overnight or for longer is not advisable. The period the car has been parked has made the oil settle in the oil pan, leaving the moving parts of the engine without lubrication. It is advisable to wait 30 seconds or more to allow the car warm up without revving the engine. This will allow the oil pump, so the engine can function perfectly.

4.Ensure Consistent Body Hygiene

Washing and waxing your car regularly can extend its life. Stormy and harsh weather, for instance, can break down a car’s body. Moody road can even affect the brakes. It is wise to drive your car in for an underbody wash to limit the damage caused by the moody road. Consistent body hygiene will keep your car from rusting.

Man cleaning car with clean piece of clothe

  1. Be Cool

Constant stressing of your car can take it off the road long before you know it. A typical example is – you don’t need to accelerate from zero to 60 in record time or stomping on the brakes at every light. These and other such actions don’t make you a better driver; they only reduce the lifespan of your car. So, play nice when driving your car and give it the care it deserves.

In essence, if you take the time to keep up with the regular checks and treat your car like a baby, your car will ‘love’ you back and give you more than you can imagine.

The 2017 Nigeria Men’s Fashion Week And The Echoes of A Huge Success

October 20, 2017 / Blog
men's fashion week

Against the backdrop of the heightened anticipation and preparation that preceded the Nigeria Men’s Fashion Week 2017, we are proud to announce that the three-day event, which held from the 13th to 15th October 2017, was all we hoped for and even more.

Each day of the fashion week brought with it unforgettable moments, which ended in grand style on Sunday 15th October 2017, at the Germaine Auto Center, 4th Roundabout, Lekki-Epe Expressway, Victoria Island, Lagos.

The massive turn out from fashion lovers, within the home front and abroad, who came out in their eccentric and Afrocentric attires, once again put Nigeria at the forefront of the global fashion arena, reiterating the commitment of Africans to redefining world fashion.

Mens Fashion Week Mens Fashions Week Mens Fashions Week


Kick-started by a Black Carpet Reception, the event was graced by celebrities and fashion aficionados who were decked in tasteful attires, alongside models cum contestants for the Mr Universe Nigeria, who all expressed optimism in winning the coveted crown.

The event was anchored by the crazy Denrele Edun himself, and was filled with celebrities like Mai Atafo, Jon Ogah, Ono Bello, Beverly Osu, to mention just a few. The Runway Moments, which saw major brands like the delectable Oluwatoyin Okoro (all the way from the US), Maxivive, 2107 Couture, 1407, Shop One Tribe, Walker Designs, and a host of others showcasing their best designs, was equally satisfying to watch.

Mens Fashions Week Mens Fashions Week Mens Fashions Week

There was no dull moment as contestants stylishly walked the runway in their different attires, ranging from costumes, swim wears and casuals, right down to dapper suits.

The Nigeria Men’s Fashion Week was crowned with The Man Awards, which was met with heightened emotions, as winners in each category excitedly expressed gratitude for being nominated and selected as the deserving winners of the various awards. Some of the winners include SpiceTv, Reo Rules of Coz Bags, Ono Bello and Complete Mag, to mention a few.


Mens Fashion Week Mens Fashion Week Mens Fashion Week Mens Fashion Week Mens Fashion Week Mens Fashion Week



Despite the fact that all other contestants put their best foot forward, and the competitiveness of it all, the event ended with Mr. Ogun, @kokowalker clinching the crown and becoming Mr Universe Nigeria, 2017.

We will like to give kudos to the organizers, sponsors and partners who came together to ensure that the show was executed seamlessly. The Nigeria Men’s Fashion Week 2017 went down as one event to remember, with its huge success raising the stakes for the 2018 edition!