It’s A Week of Men’s Fashion and Germaine Auto Is In The Middle of It!

September 25, 2017 / Blog, Fashion

Long gone are the days when fashion and style was considered as more of a thing for women. The menfolk are now pulling strong when it comes to a sense of fashion and style. Though women fashion and accessories to a great extent, dominate the fashion world, over the years, men’s fashion is taking a fair share of the chunk, with fashion weeks being dedicated to men in different parts of the world.

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Top car 2019 Style – Rush

Designed to traverse rough roads, the high approach and departure angles enable the Rush to navigate a variety of terrain.

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Corolla Release New Model

First impressions are compelling. Responsive and quick to please, the Corolla effortlessly generates the power for driving pleasure, delivering subtly smooth and stable performance.

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Hilux Release New Model

The strength of the Hilux lies in the vast volume of data Toyota has amassed in years of building reliable and rugged pickups.

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