Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who are Toyota (Nigeria) Limited accredited dealers?

A: Toyota (Nigeria) Limited has 7 accredited dealers. Their details can be obtained at the ‘DEALERS’ section of our website

Q: Why should I purchase my Toyota vehicle from Toyota (Nigeria) Limited accredited dealers?

A: Your vehicle is covered in the events of the special service campaign.

Q: What is the difference between Toyota models sold by Toyota (Nigeria) Limited accredited dealers and unofficial/unaccredited Toyota sellers?

A: The models sold by Toyota Nigeria are vehicles that are manufactured by the manufacturer for our weather conditions and terrain. Only Toyota Nigeria provides genuine manufacturer’s warranty for vehicles sold by them.

Q: How can I buy Toyota vehicle under finance agreement?

A: Some of our dealers have auto financing partners who offer support to our customers.

Q: Why don’t you sell other ranges of Toyota models (e.g. Matrix, Highlander, Tundra, and Lexus)?

A: Toyota produces vehicles to meet specific regional conditions. These usually have to do with compatibility issues relating to fuel chemical composition, terrains and general environmental conditions. Toyota (Nigeria) Limited sells vehicles made to operate optimally in the Nigerian market.

Q: How do Toyota vehicle models compare to other brands in terms of fuel consumption?

A: Toyota vehicles are fuel efficient and compare favourably with other brands. Fuel consumption varies depending on fuel quality, environment, individual driving style, etc.

Q: What are the Toyota models officially introduced in Nigeria?

A: Toyota models officially introduced in Nigeria can be found in the Dealers section of the Toyota(Nigeria) Limited website.

Q: How do I identify/differentiate between Toyota (Nigeria) Limited accredited dealers from unofficial/unaccredited Toyota sellers (Grey dealers)?

A: Toyota (Nigeria) Limited accredited dealers can be identified through:

The Toyota standard Corporate Identity Signage

Listing in adverts placed in Newspapers by Toyota (Nigeria) Limited

Dealership certificates displayed at the dealerships

Listing on the ‘DEALERS’ section of the Toyota (Nigeria) Limited website.

Q: Why are vehicles supplied through Toyota Nigeria priced differently from those imported through unofficial/unaccredited Toyota sellers (grey dealers)?

A: Prices differ due to specification variations. Considering our harsh environment, all our vehicles come with ‘Severe User Package’ which includes reinforced suspension, heavy duty shock absorbers, engine under-guards, etc. These are all intrinsic value built in to withstand conditions of our terrain and provide peace of mind motoring. The tax component also plays a major role in the seller’s final pricing. Toyota (Nigeria) Limited pays correct government dues and levies on all its vehicles.

Q: Why are features available in Toyota vehicles distributed in Nigeria by Toyota (Nigeria) Limited different from those of other countries?

A: Due to segmentation, the manufacturer offers to its accredited dealers in different countries specification that are most suited to their environment.

Q: Why don’t you lease vehicles?

A: Our core business is to sell new vehicles and provide aftersales services.

Q: Can I buy Toyota vehicle in any colour of my choice?

A: Please visit our  accredited dealers to confirm available colours.

Q: Where can I get genuine Toyota spare parts?

A: At Toyota (Nigeria) Limited accredited dealers. TNL has 7 accredited dealers. Their details can be obtained on the dealer section of our website

Q: Can I buy parts directly from Toyota (Nigeria) Limited?

A: No, you can buy through our accredited dealers

Q: Where does Toyota (Nigeria) Limited source its spare parts from?

A: Toyota (Nigeria) Limted source its spare parts directly from Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC).

Q :Toyota Motor Corporation has established plants in some selected countries across the globe to produce different spare partsand one of such countries is China.: Does Toyota (Nigeria) Limited stock parts for all Toyota made vehicles e.g. Lexus, Highlander and other Toyota vehicles particularly from the US?

A: Toyota manufactures vehicles for specific territories. Toyota (Nigeria) Limited stocks spare parts for its assigned model lines. However we are able to supply or order spare parts for vehicles which do not fall within our model lines as and when required under special arrangements.

Q: What are the benefits of buying parts from Toyota (Nigeria) Limited accredited dealers?

A: For quality assurance.

There is a 12 months/20,000km warranty on parts purchased from Toyota (Nigeria) Limited accredited dealers. (Terms and condition apply)

Q: Why does Toyota (Nigeria) Limited always insist on vehicle identification codes from even regular customers before providing information on parts availability?

A: Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is important to select the correct unique part number for your Toyota vehicle anywhere in the world.

Q: Where can I service my vehicle?

A: At Toyota (Nigeria) Limited accredited dealers.

Q: Where can I find contact information and hours of operation for a dealer?

A: On Toyota (Nigeria) Limited website and its accredited Dealers’ websites.

Q: Can Toyota vehicles purchased outside Nigeria be serviced at Toyota (Nigeria) Limited accredited dealerships?

A: Yes. Through appointment with the Dealership

Q: What is warranty?

A: Warranty is an assurance by the manufacturer that it will repair, replace or adjust at its option any factory installed part that is defective in materials or workmanship under normal use at no cost to the customer. It clearly states the terms and conditions under which a warranty could be given, specific period covered etc. (Terms and conditions apply).

Q: What warranty coverage do I have on my new Toyota Vehicle?

A: 3 years or 100,000km, whichever comes first after purchase.

Q: How do I claim warranty on my vehicle?

A: Book appointment with any of our accredited dealers’ workshops, who will have a look at your complaints and confirm whether it falls under warranty or not. If it does, you will be asked of your warranty booklet where date of delivery is established and necessary repairs carried out and the claim form raised to Toyota (Nigeria) Limited. for claims to the manufacturers; Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC).

Q: Must I always return to the Toyota dealership where I purchased my vehicle to take advantage of the warranty benefits?

A: Any of our accredited dealer’s workshops can take care of your warranty problem provided you produce warranty booklet that shows the delivery date of the vehicle.

Q: Can I get my vehicle replaced during warranty period in the event that my vehicle becomes faulty?

A: Warranty covers only defective parts due to manufacturer’s fault and not vehicle replacement.

Q: When should I do the first service on my vehicle?

A: First service is to be done at 1000km

Q: Can I service my vehicle at unofficial/unaccredited Toyota workshops?

A: Not recommended as they lack the technical know-how and the equipment to carry out the job. This will also lead to forfeiture of your warranty benefits.

Q: What is Special Service Campaign (SSC)?

A: SSC is an exercise carried out when there is need to conduct checks on the quality of certain parts of a vehicle which may be defective for possible replacement or repair.

Q: When Toyota recalls vehicle globally, is Toyota (Nigeria) Limited involved in the exercise?

A: Toyota (Nigeria) Limited participates in recall based on advice by the manufacturers (TMC) if models affected are included in our model line up.

Q: How do I know if my vehicle is affected in a recall?

A: Through newspaper adverts

Radio jingles,

Phone calls and letters to affected customers from our accredited dealers.

You can also contact our accredited dealers to confirm if your vehicle is affected or not.

Q: How can I reach Toyota (Nigeria) Limited directly to make enquiries or complaints?

A: You can talk to our customer service representatives through our dedicated telephone numbers – 012772262 and 012772263

You can also reach us through our dedicated Customer Service e-mail address – cs@toyotanigeria.com