Germaine Health Centre

General Out-Patient Clinics

Specialist Clinics

  • Gynea and Maternity Services
  • Cardiology and Hypertension Clinics
  • Company Interval
  • Pediatric and Child Welfare Clinics

Laboratory Services

  • Domestic staff Screening
  • Company Pre-Employment Screening
  • Company Interval/ Annual Screening
  • Substance Abuse Screening
  • Comprehensive Annual Medical Check

Imaging services

  • X-Ray
  • Electrocardiography
  • Scan
  • Physiotherapy
    Ambulance Rental Service


  • Admission and round the clock patient care
  • Catering services and Nutritional Support and Counselling
  • Surgery – General Surgery, Gynea surgery, Operative Delivery, Orthopedics
  • General Maternity services – Child birth etc

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