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The Avensis Sedan delivers a spirited drive through its sleek exterior, a completely refurbished interior, a span of upgraded technology and, probably most important of all, updated safety features. The Avensis Sedan is back – and it’s better than ever.


Multi-information display: It displays current fuel consumption, average fuel consumption, cruising range, average vehicle speed, elapsed time, rear seatbelt reminder, calendar, and outside temperature. On automatic transmission models, it also displays the Eco Driving Indicator, which shows the driver whether their accelerator operation is producing good fuel economy or not.

Super intelligent 4-speed automatic transmission (Super ECT): provides excellent response and smooth shift feeling. The uphill/downhill shift control automatically selects the optimum gear on uphill and downhill roads.


An innovative engine set-up in the Avensis features a Variable Valve Timing system from Toyota, acting to optimize the timing for the intake valve operations depending on conditions. This means the optimum level of power is used at all times and fuel economy and emissions are lowered. The astonishing turning circle of 4.7 metres is made possible by the electric power steering system, which also means you will save petrol with more accurate cornering

Toyota Avensis 2019 Model Engine
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