Toyota Camry 2018

The Camry offers stunning looks, sophisticated comfort and a wealth of intuitive technology, while also delivering a rewarding driving experience.


A major contributor to both the highly efficient aerodynamics performance and the spacious comfort of the cabin, it provides the excellent head and legroom, and the ample trunk space.

One of the measures contributing to the excellent quietness enjoyed in the cabin is the use of high noise-damping glass for the windshield, which helps to reduce wind noise.

While cornering, VSC acts to reduce excessive side slipping by the tyres to help return the vehicle to a zone of comfortable control, rather than improving the limits of driving performance.

It is comprised of a high integrity cabin with front and rear crumple zones that help absorb impact energy in a collision. It also incorporates a body structure to help reduce injury to pedestrians.

To help reduce the impact to occupants in a collision, the Camry is equipped with SRS driver airbag, SRS front passenger airbag, SRS side airbags (Front seats) and SRS curtain shield airbags (Front and rear seats).

In a rear-end collision the occupant’s upper body sinks into the seatback with the back support while the headrest simultaneously supports the head, to help reduce injury to the vertebra in the neck


The advanced technology embedded in the next generation platform and power train endows the Camry with sporty acceleration, smooth shifting, agile handling and outstanding fuel efficiency, sparking a fresh take on driving exhilaration.

Camry 2019 model engine
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