Toyota Coaster

With the toughness to operate as a working vehicle for extended periods without a break, even on unpaved roads, an open interior with excellent access and extensive safety features in case of the unforeseen, the coaster will let passengers enjoy a comfortable and reassuring ride to their destination.


Since the Coaster is designed to carry passengers, Toyota has not only built in comfort, but also employed a wide range of safety measures.

The best solution for avoiding an accident is to prevent it from happening. The Coaster provides many safety features that allow the driver to play an active role in safe driving. For example, the large windshield, the driver’s safety window and the easy-to-adjust seat position help the driver detect hazards by offering a clear and expansive all-round view. Quick acceleration, excellent handling and a high level of braking performance all add up to easy control of the vehicle, assisting in safe motoring.


Coaster is the product of advanced Toyota technology and a total commitment to strict quality standards. Every component, from the lustrous body finish to the linings of the brakes, is designed with an eye towards performance.

The body is shaped to slice through the wind. Its slanted windshield, flush surfaces and snugly fitting front and rear bumpers help minimize air resistance and thereby improve handling and fuel economy.

Though efficient with fuel, the Coaster is never at a loss for power. It comes equipped with your choice of two husky diesel engines, or a gasoline engine designed to provide even more dynamic performance.

Features & Specifications