Toyota Hiace

With a worldwide reputation for proven performance to back it, the HIACE Commuter is designed from the ground up to match today’s active lifestyles and comes loaded with features to make driving more enjoyable. High, Medium and Standard roof – Whichever body style you choose, you’ll discover a world that is uniquely your own


HIACE incorporates both active and passive measures to help protect the driver and passengers. Visibility is excellent, and crumple zone construction helps minimize damage in the event of a collision.

A front double-wishbone torsion bar spring suspension and a rear leaf spring suspension provide optimized straight-line stability, ride comfort and versatile load-carrying capacity.

Computer analysis of the body and chassis assure designed-in durability with minimal transmission of vibration to the cabin, the result is excellent running stability and comfort for the life of the vehicle.

Corrosion-resistant materials are used in key areas throughout the vehicle to provide long-lasting protection against rust and corrosion.

The manual transmission has been tuned for optimum shifting ease, while the automatic transmission features electronic control for smooth, natural response. Both types offer outstanding durability.

The Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) assists in maintaining vehicle stability and steering response by helping to prevent wheel lock-up during emergency braking (OPT)An anti-glare rear view mirror supplements visibility while protecting the driver’s eyes from the bright lights of cars behind.

A high-mount stop lamp helps alert drivers at the back of the vehicle when slowing down or stopping.

Dual front Supplemental Restraint System airbags (SRS) supplement the restraining action of seat belt to help reduce injuries in the event of a severe front-end collision (OPT)

An ample crumple zone, upper and lower members at the front of the frame, and side impact beams in the front doors contribute to class-leading safety.

Whiplash Injury Lessening (WIL) concept seat design helps protect against injury in the event of a low-speed collision from the rear.

Brake Pedal and Steering Shaft intrusion-Reduction System with Rotary Mechanism: A rotary mechanism that helps prevent the brake pedal and steering shaft from injuring the driver in the event of a front-end collision.


Designed to be tough and durable from the ground up, HIACE offers legendary dependability that has been proven across the world.

Features & Specifications