Toyota LC 70

The Toyota Land Cruiser 70 is a rugged and dominant LCV that has been equipped to cope with the most demanding driving conditions. Large wheels and improved stability ensure you will stay in control at all times while efficient engines mean low running costs


  • Safety has been approached from two aspects – active and passive.
  • Active safety measures include ergonomic features such as strategically placed switches and steering wheel,and exceptionally good visibility all around.
  • Passive safety features start with a crash safety body. In the event of an accident, this design effectively absorbs and disperses impact energy before it reaches the cabin. In addition, pillars, floor members and roof panel are reinforced for solid strength.


For more than ten decades, the Land Cruiser series has manned the helm of the Nigerian 4×4 motoring and has been working as hard as Nigerians. LC70 is the glory of a distinguished heritage founded on cutting edge engineering and extreme ruggedness. No other pickups can dare what LC70 does. With a full one-ton load, this pickup will go anywhere except space and the ocean. It is the ultimate workhorse for Nigeria, with the power and capacity to take charge of the most demanding on and off road conditions.

The indestructible Land Cruiser 70 series surrenders to no challenge.
It is built to perform and work so hard as you do, that is why it has been at the helm of Nigeria 4×4 motoring, for more than 60 years.

The LC70 is the ultimate for the tough Nigeria environment and rugged roads, with the power and capacity to take charge of the most demanding conditions, with a full one -ton load this pick-up will go where ever you take it.

Features & Specifications