Toyota RAV4

Introducing the fourth-generation Toyota RAV4 – the result of a revolutionary new design concept, an SUV that attains a level of refinement never seen before. When you first enter this realm of unparalleled craftsmanship, you’re almost certain to feel your heart beat faster. Featuring a bold and powerful new instrument panel design executed with a lighthearted touch, the RAV4 delivers a level of driving pleasure like nothing you’ve experienced before. Meticulously crafted in every detail, it fills you with a new sense of joy and excitement every time you drive.


Air Conditioning: Intuitively easy to operate, the automatic air contitioner features left and right independent temperature control, creating a comfortable cabin environment.

Steering Wheel Switches: Audio switches are installed in a cross – type key pad arrangement on the steering wheel, providing you with intuitive, easy – to – understand operations.

Luggage Room Equipment: Generous seating space is provided for all onboard to travel in comfort. Large items can be loaded efficiently with seating available for three occupants. You can create more space for luggage by folding down the the rear seats.

*This image is to portray the airbag only. The interior colour is not available locally.


The Rav4 comes equipped with an engine which provides excellent acceleration performance from low speed that is matched by its fuel economy, clean emissions and quietness.

Toyota RAV4 2019 Model Engine
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