Maintenance Plans

Germaine Service Plan

Germaine Maintenance and services

The Germaine Service Plan is a scheduled maintenance service covering all mandatory routine technical operations and vehicle checks. It is the easiest way to give your vehicle the professional level of maintenance it requires.

Maintenance by professionals

Improve and prolong your Car’s life

At Germaine we only use Genuine Vehicle Parts, which are designed and tested to fit your car and last longer than alternatives. These are the same specification parts as originally fitted at the factory where the car was made, giving you peace of mind that your car will be returned to you in its original condition.

Protecting your investment

A vehicle that has been properly maintained by Germaine skilled technicians has a greater resale value.

Choosing a Germaine service plan is choosing to benefit from:

  • High quality genuine parts
  • Skilled body shop knowledge
  • Qualified and skilled technician’s expertise
  • Cost efficiency and affordable payments spread over preferred timelines

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Uber Plans

Our Uber plan comprises of 3 packages. All services below are on an annual plan of 52 weeks.

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