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  • Toyota Avensis

    Multi-information display: It displays current fuel consumption, average fuel consumption, cruising range, average vehicle speed, elapsed time, rear seatbelt reminder, calendar, and outside temperature. On automatic transmission models, it also displays the Eco Driving Indicator, which shows the driver whether their accelerator operation is producing good fuel economy or not.

    Super intelligent 4-speed automatic transmission (Super ECT): provides excellent response and smooth shift feeling. The uphill/downhill shift control automatically selects the optimum gear on uphill and downhill roads.

  • Toyota Corolla

    First impressions are compelling. Responsive and quick to please, the Corolla effortlessly generates the power for driving pleasure, delivering subtly smooth and stable performance. The short-nose proportions highlight the advanced styling. Together with its expansive cabin space, it exudes a distinctive presence.

  • Toyota Hilux

    Hilux’s quality is woven into its core, even in parts you can’t see. The use of high tensile steel sheeting for the body contributes to the excellent rigidity and light weight. The strategic placement of vibration damping and noise insulating materials, including the floor and engine compartment, helps to create quietness inside the cabin. Extensive use of lightweight, anti-corrosion steel sheeting for the body and deck contributes to the Hilux’s durability and strength.​

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