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Valentine Gifts Ideas for Car Lovers

February 15, 2018 / 0 Comments / 1161 / Blog
Valentine Gifts Ideas for Car Lovers

Buying Valentine gifts can sometimes be very tricky as you are often conscious of buying gifts that would suit the style and personality of the receiver. The general opinion is that since Valentine has to do with the celebration of love, the type and quality of gifts should reflect how you feel about the receiver. It should be romantic as well as relevant. How then do you beat the confusion of buying something special enough for a loved one who has a special preference for car related items?

As automobile specialists, we have compiled a list of items car lovers would love and find really exciting.  The beautiful thing about this is that these items can be easily found in the market and should impress every car lover.

Tyre Inflator

Valentine Gifts Ideas for Car Lovers

First on the list is an inflator. If you have ever been in a situation where your car tyre went flat and there was no mechanic around to help you fix it, then you will appreciate the essence of an inflator. With an inflator, you can easily get your tyre back to shape in good time, especially in emergency situations. Ensure you make the gift look all valentine-ready by presenting it in an attractive package, alongside some other little items like chocolates, biscuits etc.

Car Seat Cushion

If you are not sure the inflator would be a good idea, how about an awesome seat cushion. Seat cushions help make drive time more pleasurable. Driving for long hours can sometimes put a lot of strain on our fragile backs and waistline, especially when you do not have comfortable seat, but with a softly padded car cushion, you can say goodbye to hurtful drive times. This item could be more interesting when you have one, specially crafted to suit and massage the back. Why won’t any car lover love this item?

Customized Car Items

Do these items sound too far-fetched for you? You could do something a little more affordable or usual.  Go for customized car items and wears. For car items, create a customized neck and throw pillows. By customized, we mean you can buy a normal one and put your own design and inscription on it. The inscription could be a special message to the person or his/her favourite quote or message. You can also try images of their favourite celebrity or public figure. Better still, stay safe by using the receiver’s own image.

The same should apply to other items like car-centered T-shirts, car dice, car fragrances and the likes. These might sound very common but there are very good ways to show how much you care. The tip to getting customizing right is to use professional hands and to ensure that whatever inscription or image used in the customization is in line with your loved one’s preference and not yours, as there is often the temptation to go for items we love instead of what the receiver loves.

Mechanical Set

Valentine Gifts Ideas for Car Lovers

Is your loved one a handyman? An awesome mechanical set won’t be a bad idea too. Though there is a high probability that the person might already have these items, there is still no harm in trying this out. You can take a sneak peek at what the person already has, to decipher what you should or shouldn’t go for.

Car Cleaning Kit

With all said and done, there would always be need to clean the car. No car lover loves a dirty car. Find out the person’s favourite cleaning kit and buy a range of the products. Items like a dashboard spray, scratch remover, shampoo, napkins and the likes, would make an awesome gift pack. Don’t forget to sweeten your pack with some chocolates and flowers as the case may be.

In conclusion, you cannot override that one thing your loved one has always craved for. It doesn’t have to be car related for it to be appreciated. It is often better to go for an item that has been specifically mentioned than the one that is presumed.

Finally, while you prepare your special treat for your loved one this Valentine; also show some love to your car. Bring it to Germaine Auto Centre for that special Valentine touch. We know just what your car needs.

A Germaine Auto Make Over Will ‘Excite’ Your Car This Season

December 28, 2017 / 0 Comments / 1746 / Blog
A Germaine Auto Make Over Will ‘Excite’ Your Car This Season

The wear and tear on our cars say a lot about the daily struggle they go through just to get us to our destinations. From navigating through multiple roads and multiple cars to dealing with bad roads and ‘crazy’ drivers, our cars go through a lot on the road. If you live in a busy state with road traffic congestion, like Lagos, your car would probably have ‘war scars’.

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While it is clear that driving has become part and parcel of a hectic city life, many do not realise that they need to regularly attend to their cars, as part of a normal routine. How well and how often do we take care of our car? That is the question. For starters, to keep your car running smoothly, it is important to have a regular check-up. Then, it is also crucial to give it a body makeover from time to time, to give it that sparkle that is befitting for your profile. In the spirit of the festivities, there is no better time to do this than now. Germaine Auto offers a service spa that will not only get you smiling from ear to ear, but would also be friendly to your pocket.

A Germaine Auto Make Over Will ‘Excite’ Your Car This Season

With a state of the art facility that is equipped with hi-tech, ultra-modern tools and equipment that can cater to the full servicing of over a thousand vehicles, Germaine Auto aims at giving the best care to your car. So, after all the road ‘battles’ fought by your car in the course of the year, wouldn’t it be nice to give it some pampering? Premium, genuine replacement parts that will ensure a lasting and satisfying repair for whatever car brand or model you drive is what Germaine Auto offers your car

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You can rest easy, knowing that your car is being taken care of by the best hands as Germaine Auto only hires and trains the best technicians. These mechanics are up-to-date in their knowledge of the ever-changing automotive industry.

A Germaine Auto Make Over Will ‘Excite’ Your Car This Season

A total makeover does not have to hurt your pocket. Germaine Auto offers significant discounts on vehicle services, as well as towing service in the case of an emergency. This services also include a maintenance credit programme with VFD Microfinance Bank that offers clients a 30-day credit cycle on all repair, body work and vehicle maintenance jobs.

The best thing you can give your car, especially during this festive season, when you would probably do a lot of driving around, is a complete Germaine Auto makeover. Your car should not only ‘feel’ beautiful, it should look beautiful. After all, in the words of Alexandra Paul, “The cars we drive say a lot about us.”


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