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Show Genuine Love for Your Toyota Vehicle by Taking Care of it with Genuine Toyota Parts

Germaine Auto Centre is committed to the use of premium replacement parts on all service works, to ensure a lasting and satisfying repair across all vehicle brands and models.
Germaine Auto Centre has unrestricted access to genuine spare parts, by utilizing the most advanced ordering systems,
plus direct links to manufacturers. This helps us stay informed about industry best practice and groundbreaking, innovative auto solutions.
0704-533-6926 [email protected]

The Department is sub-divided into the following sections:

  • Inventory Control Section -Parts order through computerised Inventory Methods

  • Warehouse Section – Including a Central Parts Department and other Satellite Depot

  • Sales/Marketing Section – selling parts to the dealers.

How to recognise the genuine Toyota Parts:

  • Serial No: Identification Number is neatly shown at a regular spot.

  • Pack: The Genuine Toyota pack is well done. It covers and protects parts very well.

  • Colour: The Genuine Toyota spare parts pack colour is deep rich red while the fake spare parts pack colour is faded and unappealing.


Germaine Auto Centre – (Workshop  & Spare parts)

Corporate Office – HQ

4th Roundabout, Lekki – Epe Expy, 105102, Lagos, Nigeria

Phone Number:
Sales: 0704 553 3432
Service: 0704 553 3433
Spare Parts: 0704 3 427380

Email Address:

[email protected]
[email protected]